Occupational Therapy Services

At Living Well Therapies we are pleased to offer the following Occupational Therapy services that can be helpful for anyone with pain or chronic illness:

  • SCENAR therapy to help reduce pain and help your body function better.
  • Teaching you activities that help control your symptoms and promote health, such as relaxation techniques, gentle exercise and movement.
  • Modifying an activity so it is easier for you to do, such as breaking an activity down into achievable parts.
  • Changing the environment so you can more easily do the activity, such as providing a supportive backrest so you can sit with comfort to read a book, or taps that are easy to turn.



More About Occupational Therapy

For more information about Occupational Therapy the following links may prove useful.

What Is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapists are interested in activities – all the activities (occupations) of our everyday life. The things we need to do and the things we want to do. Another name for us could be “activity therapists”.

The activities or occupations that we do every day give our life meaning and purpose. They connect us with others, and help keep our bodies and minds healthy.

Sometimes things happen inside our body (internal barriers such as sickness, injury, anxiety) or outside our body (environmental barriers such as limited social support or taps that are too hard to turn) that make it difficult to do our everyday activities and to function and live well.

This is where an Occupational Therapist can help.

We help identify any barriers in your life that limit or prevent you from doing any daily activity that is important to you, and help work out effective solutions.

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